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Ocean & Earth Creations creates passionately inspired, well-designed, hand-crafted, functional, and fun furnishings.  Our surf-inspired aesthetic is a blend between Gerry Lopez and Wilbur Kookmeyer that yields a pretty unique set of products.  Our design philosophy is guided by the paradoxical complexity and simplicity of the surf, nothing more and nothing less.


At Ocean & Earth Creations we:

Promise to respect the ocean, the earth, and the environment in which we live.

Promise to respect all of our customers, employees, and vendors.  We treat each of them as we would want to be treated, with a positive attitude, and without prejudice.

Are dedicated to providing responsive and personal service to all of our customers.  We will resolve any issues promptly and to the best of our abilities, and maintain communication and a personal touch with everyone we work with.

Are honest, fair, and ethical in all of our dealings. We will tell the truth with sensitivity and sensibility.

Are driven to meet our customer’s expectations with regard to product quality, pricing, and delivery.  The expectations are set high to inspire us to challenge ourselves and to strive to improve at every step.

Go to the beach as often as possible.


Our furniture is made in America by American craftsmen.  


We begin with hand selected wood.  We enjoy nothing more than sifting through lumber stacks to inspect, consider, and select each and every board that goes into a piece.  We select only the most interesting, dynamic, and visually appealing material for each piece. 

We use a combination of the traditional and the modern to create each piece.  We use our own eyes, hands, and senses to create each part of each piece.  Of course we use a jointer, table saw, and a vacuum press, but only to speed us along on the journey.  We live and breathe with each piece, as we watch your piece come alive. 

We incorporate time-tested, traditional techniques such as mortise and tenon and dove tail joinery.  We use only the best glues, screws, and anything else we can think of.

The backs of our cabinets are a frame and panel and are as well made as the front.

We use Blum Tandem, full-extension, self-closing, and concealed drawer slides and Blum European style concealed door hinges.  Blum is an industry leading manufacturer of cabinet hardware known for the quality of their products.  It might cost a little bit more, but we consider it a fair trade-off knowing that the hardware will last a lifetime. 

We finely sand each piece with great attention to detail.  We then finish each piece with multiple coats of hand-rubbed oil followed by a hand-rubbed polyurethane topcoat.  This finish results in a semi-gloss appearance.  We believe this finish provides beauty, protection, and a surface that invites touch.


At Ocean & Earth Creations, environmental ethics are a part of who we are and what we do.  Our commitment ranges from simple efforts on a daily basis to an aggressive commitment of finding ways to build quality furniture with sustainable manufacturing and business practices.  Examples include:

  • Efforts to be as paperless as possible.
  • Using sustainably harvested wood materials where possible.  Yeah, we know that some of our wood selections are a declining natural resource.  That’s why we are excited to offer those earth friendly wood species identified by the symbol.  Some originate from a managed forestry while others are reclaimed from the rural and urban landscape.  We will continue to search for other sustainably harvested materials and continue to offer them to you.
  • Doing business only with lumber suppliers who certify their raw materials are obtained legally and ethically.
  • Reduce solid waste by saving most project outfall (scraps) and donating them to a local children’s day care and/or senior citizen's center for small craft projects.
  • We are currently evaluating a whey-based wood finish that has no VOC’s.  

We are proud of this commitment and what we have achieved, but recognize there is much more to do.  We feel a collective urgency, as individuals and as a company, to make strides towards a more ecologically responsible future.  Our customers expect, and deserve, nothing less.